Discover Colorado’s Finest Cannabis at our Aspen Dispensary

Reignite the joy of shopping for cannabis in our Aspen dispensary. Browse curated designer apparel, jewelry, and home goods in addition to top-of-the-line cannabis products and showpiece accessories from across the world.

Cultivated, curated, and offered for your pleasure in the World’s Finest Cannabis Boutique™: Dalwhinnie Farms™ in Aspen, Colorado.


Why Choose Dalwhinnie Farms?

The statewide legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado has led to a plethora of marijuana shops across the state. Marijuana is embedded in the culture of our community. However, the cannabis industry is very much like the wine industry with regard to variable product quality.

Here at Dalwhinnie, we are committed to the highest quality customer service and products. Don’t fret if you don’t know the terminology like “terpenes” or “hybrid strain.” Our trained staff is here to walk you through our extensive inventory. From topicals to edibles and anything else in between, we will find the right product for your needs.

For Cannabis Connoisseurs and Curious Explorers

We’ve elevated the cannabis retail experience for everyone, regardless of how frequently they consume.

Our Aspen dispensary provides a boutique environment that is truly unique in the cannabis industry. Relax in the luxurious warmth of our space. Peruse fine goods highly curated from across the world. Shop for the finest cannabis Colorado has to offer from our thoughtful, helpful staff.


Our Boutique Location

Are you traveling to the Aspen or Snowmass area for a holiday vacation? Are you a year-round resident of Pitkin County and the Roaring Fork Valley? No matter your reason for being here, we aim to be your first choice of dispensary in Aspen.

What to Expect from your Trip to Dalwhinnie Farms Boutique

Upon arrival at our recreational dispensary, you will be greeted at the door. Please come prepared to show a valid ID. There may be a line outside due to COVID-19 restrictions. Feel free to make a product reservation in advance to expedite your experience.

What Kind of Cannabis Products Do We Carry?

Legal marijuana has been around Colorado since 2012. It is embedded in the culture of our community. Our boutique Aspen dispensary carries an assortment of cannabis products including:

– Flower aka Bud (various strains: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid)
– Edibles (marked with dosage and strength)
– Vaporizer Cartridges and Batteries (for discreet use)
– Topicals (infused creams and balms for pain relief)

Browse our website to see all of our inventory online. You can even reserve your products in advance! Then, stop into our Aspen boutique and pick up the products you selected.

Available In Store

Nomatiq Tiger’s Eye Crystal Pipe

aspen marijuana

Make a Product Reservation

Are you already in the know about your products? Maybe you already know your favorite marijuana strain…Sour Diesel or OG Kush perhaps? Click here to place an online order reservation for pick up at our Aspen cannabis boutique.


Cannabis (Marijuana) and Hemp: What’s the difference?

While there are many names for the common street name of “Weed”, you will commonly find cannabis and marijuana used interchangeably. While all of these terms refer to the same type of plant, hemp specifically refers to the version of the cannabis plant with extremely low THC levels. These hemp plants can be used for cannabis products like CBD oil. CBD is non psychoactive with many potential health related uses. The commonly known variety of the cannabis plant is where all of the potent psychoactive THC buds/flowers develop (on female plants only) and eventually are dried for smoking or used in other cannabis products (like cannabis oil, edible THC products, and tinctures). We are happy to walk you through our inventory to help explain the difference products and what method of consumption it can be used with. Our trained staff is here to make cannabis less intimidating and give you the exact right potency that you’re looking for.

Can anyone from out of state purchase recreational marijuana in Colorado?

As long as you are 21 years old or older, you can legally purchase both recreational and medical cannabis/marijuana in Colorado.  In Colorado, the legalization of recreational cannabis happened on December 10, 2012 ending a long time struggle for many people. 

The recreational cannabis laws allow both local adults and tourists (21 and up) to legally purchase. So come give us a visit when you get into town and enjoy the Aspen marijuana experience!